Friday, April 30, 2010

Football of Indonesia

Indonesia, a country with population of 240 million and has a variety of cultures, religions and had many islands. Indonesia in this beloved country a lot of talent and a good football talent. almost all over the country have a great talent who need special coaching. of old, Indonesia is very feared by other nations of Asia with few accomplishments to boast of this nation. players have ever reached such a glorious achievement Hartono, rudi w keltjes, FREDI muli. they've become a good coach in Indonesia, and become leaders in their zeal for his successors in the present. but now many are disappointed in our team for achievement, several events and tournaments do not generate proud achievement and quite a few tournaments that can not be followed. indeed it is not cooled by football lovers in Indonesia, classy players like bambang p, markus horizon, Boaz salosa cs can not give the proud achievement. but we as a nation must always provide high-minded moral support for the sake of an achievement, hopefully with the development of Indonesian league talent and good coaching will bring better performance for football in Indonesia. the progress we continue to support Indonesian football, we know hard to create a performance with a short time and inadequate infrastructure. by creating a quality player players will definitely attract a lot of football lovers in Indonesia, both moral and financial support. football industry began to take part in Indonesian football. simply share stories about our Indonesian football slump, hopefully for the reader continues to provide morale for the betterment of our national team. no racist, no anarchist, fair play is a priority.


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