Saturday, May 15, 2010

Save wonderkids Indonesia

Action wonderkids in Europe. Ilyas Zaidan. Six-year-old boy who began exploring a career in the academy was able to PSV Eindhoven in action is like a Lionel Messi. Look at Zaidan's account on YouTube and you are guaranteed a surprise!
In France, there are Madin Mohammed. Algeria-blooded boy who was six years old. Small, Madin been touted as the future of Zinedine Zidane. Foreign media such as the Telegraph had already admitted his reputation.
Now, let's return briefly to the real world. Indonesian soccer only sweet in sheer fantasy. In fact, my personal experience proves, no matter how fanatical a fan of football, but about the Indonesian national team, his heart will be stirred. Unfortunately, Indonesian football too long in uncertainty, so that the spirit of the fans turned into anarchy and apathy.
Indonesian soccer long sleep also occurs in early childhood development soccer. Do not ever get bored on the opinion that said, there is no regular competition as the levels of early childhood development in Indonesian football. That's the first thing. Second, and most importantly, there is no definitive guidance system.
Ever daydream such talent and Madin Zaidan Mohammed Ilyas was born in Indonesia? If you believe in this opinion, you people who believe talent is authorized football players.
Or, just maybe God had been "kind enough" talent for lowering Mohammed Zaidan and maybe even Diego Maradona or Pele's equal, who knows? to Indonesia, but they are wasted because there is no definitive guidance channels? If you agree, you belong to this class who believed that was the system that gave birth to big players in football.
Both are probably right. Or is also wrong. Although Indonesia was in other fields also have wonderkids. For example, Aston Taminsyah, who had become world chess champion when he was eight years ago in 2005. Indonesian children may indeed fared better luck in other sports, except on the gridiron.
But, in case if the Indonesian football early age to walk properly, could have no more children under age who spend more time on the streets. There's nothing left to beg, ngamen, or even become victims of human trafficking. Are not most of the great Brazilian player was brought up in poor neighborhoods? How many jobs will be available as the opening of opportunities in the development of national early childhood football.
Unfortunately, so far these hopes have not materialized. PSSI hopefully start to think to develop the coaching of young players other than players to practice the delivery of projects abroad. Hopefully the fans began to admire and can also be amazed at the capabilities of the original Indonesian wonderkid. Now being done in nurseries for Syamsir Alam cs in Uruguay, we hope they are candidates for the Indonesian soccer stars and football to offer titles for Indonesia which had long been providing proud achievement.


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