Friday, May 14, 2010

The Theatre of Dream

As a club with a long tradition and great achievements, Manchester United did have a class of its own in world football scene. They are a magnificent stadium, Old Trafford, the club's greatness is born in 1878. Standing gracefully on the banks of the River Irwell, Old Trafford was a dream theater.

Opened in 1910 by taking the total cost 60 000 pounds, Old Trafford continues to grow as a stadium with a class of its own. The stadium, designed by Scottish architect Archibald Leitch had never experienced the destruction during World War II. For three years, between 1946 to 1949, United moved to Maine Road, Manchester City cage.

But after re-opened in 1949, Old Trafford continues to reap the glory times. As the stadium, Old Trafford golden era began in 2000, or the year after Sir Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane treble titles offered for the first time. To cost 30 million pounds, Old Trafford continues to enhance its capacity to about 68,000 seats, plus a number of suites to appreciate the services of his hero.

2005, Red Devil's management to spend money again, unmitigated, 45 million pounds. In addition to increase seating capacity to 76 212, funds for 5000 were used to build an exclusive seat at the three north side to serve the sponsors. On the north side of that, just above the museum which records the history of United's greatness, stood Platinum Lounge, the most prestigious suite at Old Trafford. As the name Platinum, an area of approximately 500 square meters were reserved for United's main sponsors, who pay nearly 50 percent of the club's financial needs.

Platinum Lounge is filled with representatives from leading companies: Air Asia, Nike, Audi, AIG, Budweiser, Tourism Malaysia, Betfred, Century Radio, Viagogo ticket agents, and property company Royal Resort.
Old Trafford important shrines like English football. Although later appeared good stadiums like Wembley, but the historical value and prestige of Old Trafford was never gone. Conversely, the stadium had more charisma. The atmosphere is even more magical and exciting. In England, the audience singing at Old Trafford's most tightly. Measured strength exceeds even the roar of the Jumbo Jet's aircraft takeoff.

Soccer event at the stadium was like a theater play featuring multidimensional. There were songs, dances, and various elements of other arts, including drama of football. Therefore, the Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton to call the stadium as The Theatre of Dreams. This stadium is always present great drama in almost every game. Football dreams soar and raging in this arena. For the Manchester United, Old Trafford like a dream theater. Therefore, Bobby Charlton called the theater of dreams.

Old Trafford Fact:
Official Name: Old Trafford Stadium
Nickname: The Theatre of Dreams
Built: 1909
Opened: February 18, 1910
Address: Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 0RA
Phone: +44 (0) 161 868 8000
Fax: +44 (0) 161 868 8868
Capacity: 76 121
Record crowd: 76 962, Grimsby vs Wolverhamton (25 March 1939)
Power of lamp: 2500
Field Size: 110 X 67 meters
Status: five stars
Architect: Archibald Leitch

Capacity development:
1910-1939: 80,000
1945-1960: 67 000
1960-1974: 65 000
1975-1980: 60,000
1980-1988: 58 000
1988-1990: 48 000
1990-1994: 45,000
1994-1996: 43 000
1996-1999: 55 000
2000-2001: 61 000
2001-2005: 68 000
2006 -.... : 76 212

Subtleties unique Old Trafford:
• Stadium appeared in the film's most lots, among them the Hell Is a City (1960), Billy Liar (1963), and Charlie Bubbles (1968).
• The first stadium to build a security fence in anticipation of hooliganism in the 1970s.
• From April until November, Old Trafford cut the grass three times a week. December until March cut once a week.
• Below ground installations are 10-inch plastic pipe that supplies hot water to melt the snow that fell onto the grass.


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