Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Condition of Indonesia's Stadium

As we look at television or come to staidon to watch the Indonesian league soccer match, there is a view which in my opinion and many people are unpretty sight. The stadium is bad condition, be it grass, seating, and other facilities are woefully inadequate to present a league match Indonesian. Should every team in the league Indonesia could consider it.

Look at the football stadium in the other country who is glorious, comfortable and really become a special attraction of grass that is so good and facilities too. because they realize that having a nice stadium will make the team play an entertaining and important for young players that will be used to good practice on grass, give it to their skills because they can practice with a good passing.

We see the field in Indonesia, was inappropriate use for breeding young players that a valuable asset for the team itself. only a few stadiums that I think have good facilities such as: SUGBK, Jakabaring Palembang, Samarinda Segiri. Well, that's the conditions that exist in our country is very alarming, when Indonesian football in good conditions but not supported with a good facilities. hopefully all poeple involved in the soccer government, PSSI and each team is required to create the seed quality football player who realized that with better facilities and coaching that will produce quality players

I believe, in one day Indonesia will be a football nation like Brazil and England and I believe in dreams of Indonesian supporters to have a strong football team will come, hopefully.


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